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by boxsledder

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Sean Curry
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Sean Curry Fun record, looking forward to more development from this band. Favorite track: I'm not one yet, but i will be.
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10 song tape coming out 7/27/2013


released July 27, 2013

recorded by us @ the Dungeon in Wonder Lake.



all rights reserved


boxsledder Chicago, Illinois

boxsledder is about taking a collective voyage into a realm in which no one has to grow up, everyone speaks solely in quotes from movies, bees are no longer endangered, and dreams come true. All whilst lacking talent, attractiveness, and witty mic banter. ... more

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Track Name: Look what you did you little jerk
these days stretch on for miles,
in and out of weeks and on for hours.
there’s emptiness left with these scars,
it all gets swallowed up in the space behind the stars.

give me a reason to keep my feet upon the ground,
it's got me dreaming, i got my head up in the clouds.
give me a reason to not give up this time around,
cause now i'm screaming, but i won't let the words come out.

these days i'm struggling in between,
a world that’s real and make believe.
this time i have to get it right, i won't hold back.
these days i’m struggling with routine,
self medicating with caffeine.
this time we're bound to get it right, i won't go (hold) back.
these days we seem to disagree,
on almost everything we see.
there's no time to get it right, nothing in this world is black and white.
Track Name: Scrambie eggs
any town, usa.
nothing’s changed since yesterday,
but it always seems that way.
but when the weeks turn into years,
looking back at the aftermath,
it never seemed that clear.

and bit by bit we chip at it,
these mountains of our lives.
the more we dig, the more weight sits,
it's getting hard to push aside.
and we're barely getting by,
one day (paycheck) at a time.

any town, illinois.
the good things seem to disappear,
it's getting hard to hold what you enjoy.
can't keep living in the past,
time won't stop for anyone,
you never know how long you'll last.

as the clock hand swings around again,
as the sands of time they drop again,
sun passes by the dial again,
as the seconds tick by i find,
time together is all the time we need.
Track Name: I'm not one yet, but i will be
when we were younger we invested all we had,
next to nothing in our pockets, all our hope poured out our hands.
ambition shaped ideas into plans,
determination drove us forward to this crossroads where we stand.
everything we've done has come to this, a single moment.
will we regret it when we let it slip away?

but everything's changed.
it all seems the same.
but everything's changed.
i won't let this fade.
but everything's changed.
yet i say, nothing knowing it won't be the same.

some years later here we find ourselves again.
leaving nothing by the wayside, it's so easy to pretend.
this time will be different than the last,
all the years will blend together when you're living in the past.
everything we've done has come to this, a single moment.
we won’t let ourselves forget we realized.
Track Name: Before you read it in a letter from the board of ed
if you look back on how,
the things we did affect us now.
are you happy with the way that things turned out?
well i am, but what i wouldn't give to relive,
every single moment that felt like this.

so thanks,
for every push and shove you gave,
every hint and nudge along the way,
for everything you've done for me,
it means everything.

i'm sorry,
for every mistake that i make,
every promise i've made just to break,
for all the bullshit that you take,
it means everything.
Track Name: Had they been chugging catsup
working on wasting time,
relentlessly these days go by.
you're the only reason i'm still here.
so lift me up,
drag me down.
if we hold each other up they can't tear us down.

it was over, when we figured out that we got older,
stars and friendships fade, and we're left to watch them waste away.
i'll keep wishing on the ones that are left that i find my way home.
still dreaming in this town; just less alone.

late nights and pointless fights,
dead end jobs and riding bikes,
i won't take back a single day
so lift me up,
drag me down.
my heart beats harder when you're around. (thx Direct Hit!)
Track Name: It's not Snowflake
growing older, not growing up,
best intentions seem to pile up.
motivation fades, ambition drifts away,
and i'm left lonely in their wake.

thinking and dreaming the day away,
wishing that i had something to say.
something bold, a story to behold,
a song worth listening to at all.

write in ways that intend to relate,
words save your day.
right away someone takes and someone pays.
does it stay in your head and never fade,
no one sang.
one more day, gone away where someone hates.

every word that i say,
doesn't matter it's okay,
'cause i could never say,
what hasn't been said once already.

music notes i love to play,
adding words to elaborate,
making it right, 'cause it used to be wrong,
try to keep the bullshit from dragging on.
Track Name: There and back again
thoughts ran riot,
through my mind last night.
too much emotion to get some sleep.

each time my lids met,
a new conviction was set in place,
but over thinking keeps thoughts pounding in my head.

and we lie so close together and to ourselves,
and we deny our hearts the pleasure of what we felt.
honest as we can,
we lie miles away and side by side,
and i remember the times that you forgot you don't love me.

your breath was quiet,
as my lids reunite,
heart beat a rhythm i can't keep pace.

my thoughts grew tired,
that's when the silence grabbed hold of me,
suffocate my consciousness, felt myself slip in and now i'm deep.
Track Name: Captain Ty
we don't have to scape worlds out of legos,
we don't have to watch movies until dawn.
we don't even have to hang out in your basement,
it would be nice if we did anything at all.

dear friend, where have you been?
do you remember when,
our hearts were lighter futures brighter,
than this hole we've fallen in?
lost at sea without a captain,
if you're looking for a crew
we'll be here with open arms waiting for you.

we don't have to play video games,
don't have to build the greatest forts there's ever been.
we don't have to watch the fireworks explode from your backyard,
water's fine, our future's unforeseen.

there are nights that i can't seem to remember,
there are days that i've been trying to forget.
there are words i wish that i had said to you,
and i've made actions i hope you know i regret.
Track Name: You're not even looking for it
you're packing up again; great divide.
this world is out to get you now, there's no place to hide.
i think that i've lost count how many times,
i've had to come and bail you out, but it's different this time.

i won't let you let me let you down,
and when i can, i swear i'll be around.

you told me it would never get this bad. I didn't react.
i just smiled and shrugged it off, and i was glad.
we would never have a need to look back.
now i see that i was wrong and i've been had.
Track Name: In order to make records you have to break records
well i don't feel any smarter,
now i've learned to buy and sell,
but not to think for myself,
and if at school they taught me anything it's:
don't be yourself,
be who they want you to be.

well, i don't believe.
this isn't me.

who put these hooks in me?
i swallowed them so deep.
there must be some mistake.
this won’t just go away.
i'm just a number on a page.
so much in front of me.
pulled out from under me.
i'm searching every day.
is there a better way?
i'm not a number on a page.